Focus on software Development & Delivery

Our conscious focus on the design, development and delivery of software offers you the possibility to work every day on the assignments that contribute and matter for your personal development. In short, assignments you later on will use as a reference.

Unlimited learning opportunities

We don’t believe that much in classical training and typical certification. We select the assignments that align well with your own long-term goals. In this way you can learn every day. We also support any form of self-study like online courses, books, conferences and such.

Room for continuous improvement

We give you the necessary freedom to be able to do things well and especially to do the right things. We create a context in which developers get the necessary room to perform well, get software delivered and make a personal reference of their projects.

Modern technology

Our passion for .NET technology doesn’t stop us from employing a much broader range of technologies. We believe in modern open-source technology and employ web-technology while building software.

Location & Flexibility

Traffic congestion is in Belgium a painful reality. At Involved we provide the necessary flexibility to make commuting bearable. Start early and leave early, no mandatory lunch break and home-office are for instance possibilities

The right tools & hardware

At Involved we work with a well-established development environment were all tools and processes are present. In addition, every consultant receives a decent budget to buy a powerful laptop. Essentials for a productive and enjoyable work experience.

Application procedure

Online application

Choose a job that interests you and apply online. We review your application, get in touch and give feedback.

Are you recently graduated? Take a look at our Involved Masterclass, specifically tailored for you.

Telephone interview

During this phone call we talk about your interests, ambitions and goals. We want to know if there is a match. For you this is the ideal moment to ask us the necessary questions in order to know if Involved is the right environment for you.

Come to meet us

When the telephonic interview makes it clear that there is a match, we invite you for an interview. In this interview we talk about your experience, knowledge and ambitions. This is also the moment that tough questions are asked. We let you meet different people. We want to show you what working at Involved means in reality. So you can decide for yourself if you are ready for a new challenge at Involved.

Technical interview

To be able to assess your technical skills we organise an interview with a software architect. We not only want to know if you can handle your job, more importantly, we want to know what your strengths are.

Our proposal

We make clear how we are going to work together and what kind of environment we can offer to you. Our offer gives you a very good idea of what challenges you can expect and how we are going to support you in meeting those challenges

Our offer

Involved is a group of specialists with passion for design, development and delivery of user-centered software. We give talented software engineers the room and opportunities to develop themselves and become leaders in their field. A developer with interest, passion and a clear idea of his own goal-set finds at Involved the perfect framework to further shape his competences.

Development of domain knowledge and expertise

Involved is a niche player with a strong focus on software development. We use a project methodology based on Scrum and User-Centered Design. Our insight into Application-Lifecycle Management helps us to not only build, but also deliver software to clients and users. Developers with a thorough passion for software engineering find at Involved the necessary focus to further enhance their skills and expertise.

Support your personal development

Involved support people with passion and talent who want to grow and become leaders in their field. We enable this by creating with you a personal development path. The intention is that we select the assignments that fall well between the goals defined by you. In addition coaching is provided by more senior colleagues. At Involved we are not a fan of classical training and typical certification. We support every form of self-study by providing budget for online courses, books, conferences etc.

Get the context and freedom to deliver quality

By providing our consultants with the necessary context and freedom to tackle assignments with the right approach, we make every project to a reference case. If you have a drive for continuous improvement and the need to be proud on your delivered work, you are at Involved in the right place.