We are looking for passionate developers who strive for software excellence and continuous improvement. We are looking for people who are not only techies, but who are also interested in development methodology and want to become leaders in their field.

Job Description

A developer at Involved has, apart from his deep technical knowledge, the drive to share his experience and insights into development processes and practises with the client. You advise your clients for possible improvements on the level of technology, approach and methodology. Your core-task is the development and delivery of software. You are driven by finding technological solutions for the challenges your client is confronted with. You are able to fulfil your role on an independent basis and have the ambition to grow in your role.


As a Developer you can demonstrate your abilities based on your experience and education, but above all on the basis of your passion and engagement. As a Developer at Involved you stand for:

  • Experience and insight into development in an agile environment
  • Insight into and experience for architecture, OO-principles and design patterns
  • You came into contact with or have experience with an agile methodology like SCRUM
  • You are well informed about development best practices like continuous integration and test-driven development
  • Knowledge of the .NET framework and modern front-end technology (ASP.NET MVC, WPF)
  • Interested in modern web-technology (HTML, JavaScript, Angular.js, Node.js)
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team

Personal development path

The only thing we expect from you is the willingness and enthusiasm to further develop your talent. The only thing Involved can offer you is an optimal environment and the support which enables you to continuously improve yourself. Each year a personal development path is created with you. The direction for this personal development path is completely in your hands. We try to select assignments that fit well within the goals you defined in this personal development path. We believe in self-study and offer you all what’s needed like for instance an account for online courses, budget for books, courses and even a Scrum master certificate.

Our offer

Involved offers a competitive salary package with company car, fuel card and other fringe benefits. We offer you an environment which enables you to strive for continuous improvement and to create a reference case of each of your assignments. We provide training and coaching as part of our personal development path. We provide the needed flexibility so you are able to handle the daily commute and keep a good work-life balance. At last we also cover essentials like a state-of-the art laptop and productivity tools.

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We always want to get to know people with passion and talent who are ready to take on a new challenge.