We help our clients achieve their greatest challenges by building and delivering custom made user-centered software.
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Working at Involved

Do you want to be part of a group of passionate individuals who contribute to a unique and world-changing way of working? Involved commits to people who not only are smart, but also gets things done. We support people who want to grow and become leaders in their field. Apply for a job at Involved. We always want to get to know people with passion and talent for software engineering.

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About Involved

A unique and pleasant Project Experience

At Involved we believe that software projects can be enjoyable for the parties involved. We employ a unique project approach which acknowledges the challenges and difficulties of a software project. Changes or unwelcome surprises are common to every project or initiative. We like to uncover and tackle these challenges at the beginning of a project rather than the end. In this way we give our clients the necessary wiggle room to make decisions and direct the project in the direction of their own strategic goals.

User-Friendly Solutions

These days customer-obsessed organisations are challenging and disrupting many mature industries. These organisations work systematically on improving the touchpoints with their clients. Solutions crafted following the latest standards on User-Experience and Usability are needed to delight these clients and users. With techniques like Agile Prototyping and User-Experience Design we deliver solutions that your clients and users like to work and live with.

Focused & Essential Solutions

Involved is a group of experts. This doesn't stop us from working for your project and your goals. We have a laser-sharp focus on the essence of your project and deliver solutions without the typical mumbo-jumbo. The people at Involved love their job and like to get things done. You can hire us for the work you are not (yet) good at or to work together on a big and complex challenge.

The right technology

As a software company we build and deliver scalable custom applications. An administrative back-office application, a portal for your suppliers or a sleek mobile web-application for you clients. We build end-to-end solutions using only the best Web- and Software Technology has to offer. Everything supported by scalable Cloud infrastructure.

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