DP World

DP World Terminal

DP World was facing a massive administrative burden when after contracting a new client for their Antwerp-based port terminal. The software used for warehouse management was obsolete and not up to the task. DP World was looking for software that supported their fast way of working and at the same time, provided an overview of the precise situation in the warehouse.


CFS or Container Freight Station is software being used by two types of users. The administrative back-office handles incoming and outgoing orders and deliveries. A warehouse planning is created using the software. In the warehouse workers get a view on which goods are being delivered and how these goods should be stowed into the freight containers. By using this software the status and location of every item is real-time being tracked.


There are two groups of users for the CFS application with both complete opposing requirements. The back-office users work on desktop PC's with a lot of screen estate. Workers in the warehouse work on rugged tablet devices and scanning devices. Apart from the different devices, the warehouse workers need very specific information. warehouse workers follow a very specific process where they need a precise piece of information in every step. We tackled this challenge by building a responsive web-application with a completely different interface for each device. The interface scales, changes the information displayed and even the way it interacts with the user.

Agile Prototyping

We worked in very close collaboration with the end-users at DP World. A prototype of the application was created to validate and test the application in real-life scenario's. In this way we could test the prototype on the devices that will be used in the warehouse. To give an idea of the order of magnitude of the challenge we faced we show a picture below from on the scanning devices.

Mobile Web-Application for DP World

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