By delivering custom made software we help our clients reach their most ambitious goals. The goal of software is the realisation of the goals of an organisation and making life for users simpler. Involved chooses for a pragmatic approach based on proven practices of Agile Development and User-Centered Design. We take on many challenges; as long as it delivers value to our client’s organisation.

User-Centered approach

Many organisations adopt agile practices for building their software. However, agile development needs a method to obtain information, test assumptions and validate design decisions. User-Centered Design (UCD) provides exactly the right focus. While Agile Development ensures that software is fast and well built, User-Centered Design ensures that the right features are built. The project approach of Involved is a strong combination of practices from User-Centered Design and Agile Development.

Involved .NET software development methodology

Agile is a development centric approach that demands engagement from business stakeholders. It communicates with them on the basis of concrete visualisations and delivered code. Involved adopts several proven techniques from the User-Centered Design process in their agile development methodology. For instance we involve end-users and communicate using tangible visualizations. Workshops, writing user stories, drawing storyboards and low-fidelity prototypes enable us to communicate the end product of a code sprint to business and end-users before development on these features has begun.

The project approach of Involved has the following advantages:

  • Speeding up progressive insight
  • Better understanding of needs and goals
  • Usability becomes a core-competence of the team
  • Faster feedback and testing
  • Better and more accurate estimating
  • Less rework
  • Reducing project risks

Lifecycle Management & Delivery

A combination of innovative thinking, methodology and modern techniques give us the ability to build the right solutions in the simplest way possible. Building and delivering software requires more than the application of obvious things like agile practices. We approach the entire application lifecycle in a holistic manner with the ultimate aim of systematically delivering software following a lean and pragmatic method. With the use of our methodology a development team is able to deliver and maintain software fast and efficiently.

.NET Technology and more

Modern software takes on many different forms. It is only logical that we choose for specific technology in each new situation. The passion and focus of Involved for the .NET stack does not stop us from employing a much broader spectrum of technologies. A business application built using a JavaScript framework, that communicates with a server-side .NET solution and which retrieves her data from a NoSQL database is an obvious example for us.

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