JavaScript Developer

As a JavaScript Web Developer you build with our team on modern Web Applications for organisations like Recupel, DP-World and Selor. You can fall back on your experience as a software engineer in the world of Custom Software Development. You have a strong interest for Web Development, specific JavaScript. In addition to a technical background in Front-End Development you have a strong feeling for User Experience.

Job Description

Using your technical skills you build a whole Front-End client using JavaScript MV* Frameworks like Angular, Backbone, Ember. By using workflow automation tools like Grunt, Bower and Gulp you manage and automate most of the tasks in your development workflow. You are completely up-to-date with the latest evolutions in HTML and CSS. Although we are not looking for a designer, you give great importance to User Experience and Usability. You know the principles of OOP and Clean Code, and know how to apply them to the unique challenges of a front-end architecture. Besides that you have experience with Unit Testing and know your way around with tools like Karma and Jasmine. At last you have strong knowledge of service-based architectures and great insight into HTTP.


As a JavaScript Web Developer you can demonstrate your abilities based on your experience and education, but above all on the basis of your passion for Web Development and JavaScript.

  • Up-to-date with latest evolutions in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Experience with JavaScript MV* Frameworks like Angular, Ember
  • Experience with workflow automation tools for front-end development
  • Knowledge of testing with tools like Jasmine and Karma
  • Good feeling for User Experience and Usability
  • Experienced in responsive design
  • Good insight into HTTP
  • Gained your experience in software development environments

Personal development path

We expect from you the willingness and enthusiasm to further develop your talent. Involved offers you an optimal environment and support which enables you to continuously improve yourself. Each year a personal development path is created with you. The direction for this personal development path is completely in your hands. We try to select assignments that fit well within the goals you defined in this personal development path. We believe in self-study and offer you all what’s needed like for instance an account for online courses, budget for books, courses and even a certificate Scrum Master.

Our offer

We are a group of passionate, goal- and process-oriented specialists. Every day we work on unique custom made software and share our expertise, insights and ideas to help our customers in the realisation of their most ambitious projects.

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